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Ways To Give

Circle of Care Donor Program:

For less than a Starbuck’s visit you can improve the life of sexually and physically abused children in our community. Why 12 – because the Children’s Advocacy Center will be serving 1,200 victims of abuse. If all our friends and their friends gave $12 a month the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) will be even better equipped to provide the most innovative programs and services.

Guardians For Children Corporate Partnership

Support Guardians for New Futures in our mission to aid victims of child abuse and underserved youth in our community. Your generous contribution can make a significant impact in the lives of children who have suffered. By donating to our cause, you will demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and actively contribute to building a future where every child is protected. Your company can create a lasting change and inspire others to join this important mission.

Giving Tree

The Giving Tree displayed in the reception area of the GFNF4Kids | Children’s Advocacy Center is a heartwarming and symbolic initiative. It involves dedicating leaves on a decorative tree, each leaf representing a donor’s contribution or a special tribute. This visual representation not only acknowledges the generosity of supporters but also creates a warm, welcoming environment. It serves as a daily reminder of the community’s commitment to aiding and uplifting children in need, embodying hope and solidarity.

Healing Garden:

The 17,000 square foot Healing Garden will provide opportunities for mental health/therapeutic programs and services. The garden is designed to reduce stress and depression, and to encourage exercise, positive social interaction and promote a sense of well-being and peace. The garden will be a tremendous opportunity for individuals and corporations to sponsor key areas of the garden. 

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